Steinhardt School

From NYU’s Steinhardt School we would like to thank Sarah Binney, Tammy Lee Brown, Ken Castronuovo, Amanda Driggs, Ben Hatcher, and Vonetta Moses. We are especially grateful to our Exhibition Praxis instructor, Mellissa Huber, assistant curator at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for her generous, untiring, creative support and her inspiring teaching, and to Nancy Deihl, director of the MA program in Costume Studies, without whose dedication to the field this course and exhibition would not have been possible.

80wse Gallery

We thank the staff of 80WSE for their support, enthusiasm, and thoughtful advice, including director Nicola Lees, gallery manager Lucas Quigley, curatorial assistant Nicole Vallee, and exhibition technician Olivia Andrews.


For their generosity and confidence we would like to extend gratitude to our lenders, as well as their invaluable liaisons: Alexandra Reynolds, Amze Emmons, Arizona History Museum (Doreen Crowe), Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco (Aubree Mladenovic), Cindy Gallop, Clarity (Chanel Sedeno), Commercial Pattern Archive, University of Rhode Island (Joy Emery, Roberta Hale, and Karen Morse), Diet Prada, Entrupy, Inc. (Daniel Gartner and Deanna Thompson), Joseph Jagos, Kenneth Jay Lane (Lylian Bolin and Chris Sheppard), Lauren Rossi, Liz Marquis, Marc Jacobs (Michael Ariano and Phoebe Gillan), Marie Genevieve Cyr, Natalie Wiener, New York Historical Society, Sarah McFarland and the staff of Threads Magazine, Stephanie Syjuco, and Stetson Worldwide (Daria Desiderio).

And More

Several individuals have lent their time and creative expertise towards realizing important elements of this project. We extend our sincerest thanks to Nancy Chilton, Mark Contento, David Kennedy Cutler, Ariele Elia, Robert England, Ari Saal Forman, Joyce Fung, Mason Howell, Barbara Kolsun, Meg McDonald, Susan Scafidi, Sarah Scaturro, Lauren Taylor, Sam Kate Toney, Elizabeth Way, and Graham Wetzbarger.